Powder coating automotive wheels is far superior to more conventional liquid coatings. The key lies in the process itself.
Our environmentally friendly coating removal equipment removes old, damaged and faded finish, creating a completely clean wheel or part. The item is then hand masked off to protect non-coated areas and then sprayed with a dry powder form paint called "powder coating". The powder coating material applied to the auto rims is tightly bound to the surface by induced static electricity. It is then cured under heat to form a tight bond.
Powder coating can produce much thicker coatings than conventional liquid coating without running or sagging. 
We recommend adding a "Clear coat" to the wheels for superior protection and is easier to clean and maintain. 
At Bradford Powder Coating we also offer a professional dis-mounting and balancing service to make our service truly a one-stop-shop for your high-end wheels. Call us for more details:  (619) 421-7747.